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Hello and thank you for visiting our website. Jefe Music is a group of musicians in the Austin, Texas area with many years of experience and know-how when it comes to writing, performing, producing and recording music and audio. We love to work with bands and solo singer/songwriters. If you are looking to get your music to the next level, need a guitar or bass player for gigs, need a live sound engineer, looking to record your next EP/album or want to learn more about the process of recording you have come to the right place. Music is our passion and working with talented people our goal. Feel free to navigate around the site for more information.

Want to hire a band for a party, wedding, corporate event or just for fun? Look no further. Check out We'll get your feet moving. Full PA with band included.

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Jefe Music Group offers a wide range of music performance and audio production services. Regardless of the style you have, Jefe Music Group will take an objective, creative, and professional approach to making things sound ‘world-class’. You’ll not only benefit from cutting-edge production equipment; you’ll also get an experienced ear to guarantee your music sounds incredible. Scroll through the different services on offer for a unique and special music experience.

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We specialize in audio production of all types, bands as well as singer/songerwriters. If you are a band looking to take your team to the next level we can get you there. If you are a solo artist and not sure how to get your songs fully orchestrated with multiple instrument layers we can deliver your songs to their fullest potential. We also offer special rates for full album projects and churches wanting to record their worship music. We can assist with the writing process as we offer experienced musicianship that spans a wide range of instrumentation. If you are looking to expand your songs or seem to have hit a brick wall with the writing process or production then we can get you over that wall.


We have done multiple projects and have tons of engineering experience behind our business. If you want to hold the reigns of writing and producing we can hold down the technical aspects of your project. If you are at a loss on the technicalities of how to get your music down on recording we can help. We can also provide audio engineering for live events (PA is available for 500 person events. Additional equipment rental may be required for larger events.) Whatever level you are at does not matter. We can provide what is needed to get the project completed.


We have multiple years of playing experience. If you need an acoustic, electric or bass guitar player for any live shows or recording we can fill that gap. All pro gear included. Keep scrolling to listen to guitar work written and performed in recording.


Preachers on the Radio, a well-renowned Rock and Soul Band, is made up of a talented team of creative musicians based in Austin, TX. They pride themselves on their technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with their unique sound. Performing songs from the 60's to modern day they are ready to play for corporate events, weddings, parties, or just any general get together. They also play ministry events performing modern praise and worship songs. In fact each player has many years of experience performing in various churches and ministry venues. If you need a talented band to perform at your event or venue please contact PotR at 512-470-3533 or email them at

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Mixing Station


Owner of Jefe Music Group, Jeff Burkett, plays guitar on all of the tracks and bass guitar on The Joke, Amaze, Lean, Laugh, What I Tell Myself, Down the Road Aways and I Had a Dream. The Joke music and lyrics written by Jeff Burkett, also produced and performed by Jeff. Got to Let it Go, Amaze, Lean, Laugh and All Around You music written and produced by Jeff Burkett. If you would like to know additional credits to songs click the contact link below and we can send that to you.

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Vintage Mic


We have the tools to make you sound amazing


Reaper 6

ProTools 11

Reason 11

Waves Plugins

Computer Hardware

MacBook Pro i7, 16GB RAM

Dual Monitors

AD Convertors and Clock

RME Fireface 800 modified by Black Lion Audio

External Black Lion Audio Micro Clock

Midas DL32 stage box

Mic Preamps

1--Vintech x73i

4--RME FF800 modified by Black Lion Audio

32--Midas DL32

2--Presonus MP20 moded with Jenson Transformers

1--DBX 576

4--Mackie VLZ 1202

Rack Compressors

2--RNC 1773

1--DBX 576


1--Avantone BV-1 Vocal tube mic

1--SE 5000 tube mic

1--Audio Technica 4050 condensor

2--Oktava MK-012

2--Austin to Boston condensors

3--Shure SM57

3--Sennheiser e604 drum mics

1--Sennheiser e602 bass/kick mic

1--Sennheiser e906


2--Yamaha HS 50M

1--Yamaha HS 10W sub

Guitar Amps

Modified Epiphone Valve Jr

2X12 Vintage Avatar cab

Deluxe Tweed w/Celestion Blue Alnico

Gallien-Krueger 700RB-II bass amp with Trace Elliot 4X12 Cab


GMP Roxie II electric

American Fender Tele

American Fender Strat

Dan Electro 12 String

Sire v7 Vintage 5 string bass

Taylor 610


Yamaha Motif 8 Classic (weighted keys)

Onboard and software tone generators

Live PA

Midas M32C mixer with DL32 stage box

Midas MR18 mixer

2--QSC K10.2 speakers

2--Yamaha DXS mkII 15" subwoofer

6--Behringer P16M in-ear monitoring system

2--QSC CP12 floor monitors

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Music production and engineering assistance with writing creative parts for songs, performing, recording, mixing and mastering. Estimate of hours to complete a project will be assessed as well as price breaks for EP and full album projects. We are not clock watchers in order to help facilitate a relaxed and professional environment. This does not necessarily include contracting 3rd party musicians to potentially complete a project. Production deals can also be discussed, considered and negotiated in lieu of up front costs. Our main goal is for all parties to be treated with respect and dignity, to produce great material and for everyone to find value in their work.



Time is strictly to record, mix and master your project. Estimate of hours to complete a project will be assessed as well as potential price breaks for EP and  full album projects. We are not clock watchers in order to help facilitate a relaxed and professional environment. Our main goal is for all parties to be treated with respect and dignity, to produce great material and for everyone to find value in their work.


$300/hour w/PA $150/hour wo/PA

32 Channel Midas M32C with DL32 stage box mixing system with two 10" 2K watt QSC speakers for mids and highs, two 15" 1K watt Yamaha sub for lows, drum mics, 4 vocal mics and stands, 6 station in ear monitoring system (You bring your own headsets. Personal mixing stations are provided.) 2 QSC CP12 floor monitors. If additional gear is needed for larger events there may be additional cost to rent the gear.


$20% of earnings, minimum of $200

Guitar and/or Bass player needed for a live performance. Up to 2 practices prior to the gig are included. Practices to be held in the Austin, TX area with our location in Round Rock as a potential practice space. Rate increases for out of town gigs and is negotiable. All pro gear is provided (see the gear page).



Need a live band for your party, wedding or corporate event. We play songs from the 60's to current. Full PA is included if needed. We'll get your crowd dancing.

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Jefe Music Group started when I picked up an acoustic guitar over 30 years ago. At that time I started playing for my church youth group in northern California. Shortly after I moved to Austin, TX and have been on the musical warpath ever since. I have played in numerous churches and bands as a bassist, guitarist and band leader including a 2 year stint as a music director of a non-denominational Christian church from 2012 to 2014. In the late 90's I started assembling my studio with a lot of blood, sweat and often times, tears. It has been a labor of love and a passion that never goes away. Throughout my tenure of performing and recording I have had the privilege to work with gifted songwriters, musicians of all types, audio engineers, producers and just all around good people. All of this has come to shape who I am today--a musician and audio producer with a lot of chops, talent and passion to share with people.

The "Group" part of Jefe Music Group is the pool of musicians and engineers that I have worked with over the years. Whenever these highly experienced musicians and music industry savy people are needed to assist in any project they are only a phone call away.

To sum this up I love to work with younger people just starting out to help them learn and get to the next level. I also love working with people that have years of experience. My hope is that we can work together to create something amazing that will reach beyond the walls of this studio to the masses.

God Bless you and keep rockin',


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Austin/Round Rock, TX, USA


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